Automated Candidate Engagement

REKRUTER allows candidates to actively participate in the hiring process by completing various stages autonomously. They can register, upload resumes, record video presentations, and take tests without waiting for manual screening. This automation enhances candidate engagement and reduces response times.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

REKRUTER empowers candidates to showcase their skills and personality through video presentations. This interactive approach creates a more engaging and positive experience for applicants, giving them a chance to stand out.

English Test Powered by AI

Our English test includes a video introduction and two speed reading tests. The test score depends on pronunciation, speed, and speech accent. Recordings and the final score are stored in the candidate’s profile.

Automated Coding Test

REKRUTER’s platform tests over 60 programming languages automatically. Candidates code solutions for tasks, and the score is based on correctness, attempts, code quality, and time taken. Score and code solutions are stored in the candidate’s profile.


Proactive Marketing Tool

Rekruter is more than just hiring automation! It combines the power of hiring, marketing, and sales in one intelligent platform. Generate candidate lists effortlessly to capture clients’ attention and increase sales.

Internal Talent Marketplace

Showcase your talent pool to potential clients and partners with Rekruter. Empower your candidates to become valuable assets for business growth.