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Rekruter is an innovative SaaS AI hiring application with a human touch. We invested more than 20 years of our automation and recruitment experience to assure our cutting-edge technology automates 80% of the recruitment cycle. Rekruter streamlines the entire process and reduces the time to hire by a minimum of 50%.

Advantages of Rekruter

Time Efficiency

Automates hiring, focusing on qualified candidates, and closing positions within a few weeks.


Reduces costs by 91% and lowers chances of spending on replacing unsuitable candidates.

Objective Assessments

Improves decision-making precision, removes bias, and provides fair evaluations based on predefined criteria.

Why Rekruter?

Let’s review and compare two types of screening processes, using a back-end developer candidate as an example

Savings Calculation

Summary and comparison of two types of screening processes, reviewing 100 back-end developers to close the position


Fill in your open position not in weeks, but in days.


Test your candidate’s skills and languages to be sure you hire the best!


Hand-pick your talent with the help of AI and machine learning.


Reduce efforts with our tools to get more done.


Safety levels that make you sleep tight knowing your data is protected.


Our customer service team makes you feel proud to be a part of Rekruter.


Rekruter has allowed me to better manage my candidate pipeline, enabling me to track and filter candidates more effectively throughout the hiring process. This has not only helped them to reduce time-to-hire, but has also resulted in a better candidate experience overall.”

Evgeniia Pleshanova

CHRO, Axiom

Rekruter has been a game-changer for our organization, allowing us to streamline our recruiting workflows and identify the best candidates more quickly and efficiently than ever before. The system’s advanced features, such as AI-powered candidate screening and automated testing tools, reduced our hiring time up to 60%!

Igor Krasnopolsky

CEO, DevCube

Perhaps most importantly, Rekruter has helped us to identify the best candidates more quickly and efficiently than ever before. With its advanced search and filtering capabilities, we can easily identify candidates who meet our specific requirements, saving us time and effort and allowing us to focus on the most promising candidates.

Inna Oznobikhina

Recruiter, AXIOM